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For our wedding package, our innovative and specialized planning will range from an elaborate formal affair to a simple beach or garden wedding. We will save you the time and unnecessary stress while working within your budgetary requirements. 



The comprehensive service will be carefully coordinated and include cake design, music, reception menu and site décor with fabulous floral arrangements customized just for you. Professional photography and videography services will also be provided to ensure lasting memories.



Wedding Requirements


For our overseas couples, we will accompany you to St. John's to the Ministry of Legal Affairs where couples will be required to pay:


Special marriage license: US $150.00

Registration fee:                 $ 40.00

Marriage Officer fee:           $ 50.00


Please note that you will need to be in possession of the following original documents or certified originals which should be in the individual’s legal name:

  • Valid passport (as proof of citizenship)

  • Divorce decree (if either party is divorced)

  • Original marriage and death certificates (if either party is widowed)



If either party is known by another name than the legal name they must provide an affidavit.


Also, both parties must be over 15 years of age. If either is under the age of 18, then written authorization to wed from the parents or guardians is required.


To make the marriage both legal and binding, two witnesses to the marriage are required.  


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